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Women Refugees Community in Zambia
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Who We Are, Where We've Been

After having desperatelly realized that the women refugees in Zambia are facing
severe difficulties such as: lack of enough food, homelessness, other are
situated where water is a problematic for meagre fares to pay rentals.

African and more asylum traditional are considering women as not useful for the society development and many are cut short from their education for one disfavouring reason or other (pregnancy, possessing one or more children) qualifying their place to be in kitchen. They are victimized whilst men remain unpunished for a same mistake.

We have found that many refugee women are forced to risk their life in order to survive by SELLING their SEX (PROSTITUTION) and therefore depend on the opposite sex, this is harmful to their health and of the society as a whole.
Women refugees dont meet themselves together to share their experiences and teach themselves and defend their rights together as the saying tells in French lunion fait la force union is power-.
Despite potentials and qualifications that women refugees possess, the field of work is not open to them as is it open to men of similar qualifications and potentials.

To help this situation, we have decided the creation of the WOMEN REFUGEE COMMUNITY in ZAMBIA (in short, worecz) which is directed by women for women.

The refugees women's group at the theatre show's day. It was at open public place.

Did you know that this scene of theatre were been attended by severe people both Zambian nationals, both refugees (men and women) as well as the immigrants and some tourists. It hold at near Soweto market in Lusaka.

Theatre Group like strolling players of women, Theatre Group writes, sings, and performs the sad, the glad, the mad and the true stories of women. The potent message to health professionals, community groups, senior citizen of Zambia and students is that are no longer prepared to be invinsible.

The Plight

Organization such as the Women refugees Community in Zambia(WORECZ) reports that immigrant and refugees women
are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence since language barriers and fear of immigration
authorities often prevent these women from seeking assistance from police or victim advocates.
Cultural factors may also discourage them from asserting their legal rights. For some undocumented
female immigrants, maintaining the relationship with their abuser is sometimes the only way they avoid
deportation and remain in Zambia.